The Academy of Football, West Ham United training

The Academy is currently selecting players for the next intake in September / October, but  places are limited.

 Please be aware that the minimum age required to enter The Academy of Football is 16 years of age.

We are offering a full portfolio of academic programmes to be combined with the elite football training, however, there are also options for participants that wish to focus solely on achieving their highest-performance level in football techniques and tactics without academic studies.

All participants will enjoy the unique advantages of training in a Premier League Club Academy environment with all the opportunities that this implies.

You will be training under leading coaches within the West Ham United  Player Development coaching team . This provides day2day visibility of players abilities and progress.  
In addition, showcase events provide formal opportunities for you to be seen by leading scouts at West Ham United and other leading clubs. Certainly, this will give you the best option if they think that you are good enough to  be pick up as an official player.  Please, be aware that we cannot guaranty entrance to the club.

Come and join us!