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The Academy of football builds upon the proud West Ham United heritage of developing world-class players. The player-development programme is recognised as one of the best in Europe and has been providing top Premier League professional players for many years. The elite high-performance approach integrates the latest sports-technology advances with Premier League training techniques to provide an intensive training programme that will test and optimise your personal performance.

At The Academy, we aim to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in a professional football environment. We place importance on education and we have prepared a great portfolio of academic programmes . Our commitment to education is a priority in our comprehensive training model  and we have the best academic partners to help you succeed; both on and off the pitch.

World-Class Elite-Pro Soccer Programme

Participate in a World-Class Elite-Pro Soccer Programme

West Ham Player Development programme is unrivalled in the quality of world-class alumni. You benefit from this expertise and experience.

World-Class Elite-Pro Soccer Programme

Gain Exposure to Leading Pro Scouts

By participating in a leading PremiereLeague club programme, you will gain unrivalled access to the scouting team of major clubs

World-Class Elite-Pro Soccer Programme

Access US Sports Scholarships

Our team can guide you and assist you to achieve valuable sports scholarships to major US colleges and universities.

World-Class Elite-Pro Soccer Programme

Academic Excellence

Study high-quality pathway programmes leading to universities in UK and USA.

World-Class Elite-Pro Soccer Programme

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